Art is my first language. I remember observing the colors in a sunset before learning how to read.  This passion for color and observation led me to become a ceramic artist and painter with a penchant for fresh air and intrigue in the mystery of nature.

 Art can come from an ephemeral experience. A fleeting moment can inspire a passionate fluidity in line and color. It can also be gained through knowing about your environment and the history that occurred over time in ones places of inspiration.

 As an artist that wants to preserve the western landscape, I recall the forms of earth I visit, reviving them with clay and paint. At times I will mix actual basalt from local cliffs into my ceramics and reform the earth in my kiln. I am led to define my vibrant composition by the draining of snowmelt in the hills and the way it carves the land while journeying  to the river. Dark recesses occurring  naturally in rock and earth are my shades, while the colors at the close of each day, which are most saturated, define my palette.

 In paint I am using layering and impasto to create a surface that informs the viewer of the paintings intention. In my mixed media work gel-like sheets of resin fill the interior. Like painted and overlapped panes of glass, these resin layers are patiently created one on top of the other in amorphic vessels to create a 3 dimensional painting related to my 2D work.  Each layer is a unique abstract piece on its own, that when viewed all together creates an image.

 This exploration of surface and layer is repeated in all of my work. At times the work is very realistic and graphic in nature, and others it becomes very tactile and uses the medium to fully explore a texture.